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Waremann work management

Everyday work under easy mobile control

Waremann is developed together with experts of the construction industry to smoothly monitor and control the fieldwork. Productivity of the whole business improves, as the work is rolling on easily.


How waremann
helps your business

Reporting easily done by mobile

Employees working on different construction sites, report their daily work, mission expenses, use of equipment and material, with an user-friendly mobile Waremann Android-application.

Control company business anywhere

Waremann control’s the current positions of the staff, equipment and material.

Gather working information also of the subcontractors

Waremann benefits smart-tags and time stampers to also get the working hours of various subcontractors. Easily gettable reports of all loggon’s are provided by concerning worksites.

Automatic transfer of billing and salary information

Waremann is capable to deal information also with other applications and systems. For more information contact us.


Smooth work, better productivity

All resource positions on the map

Don’t waste valuable businesstime searching equipment, material or staff, when it is possible to get all precise real time and historic positions from Waremann.

Fast and sufficient business management done in no time

Waremann constantly gathers various reports of the daily work, done by employees and subcontractors. Added with concerning working hours and other occasional mission expenses, applied with the actual onsite and warehouse usage of equipment and material. Any work dependent data is delivered with proper map details. All of this is automatically done in the background and happens in a blink of an eye, to help making the company business flow rapid and effectively.

Effective control of working hours

Waremann saves company foremen a lot of time and effort, as automatically handling the working hour information, provided by company employees and subcontractors.

Transfer information for billing and payment of salaries

Waremann-service is capable to deal information also with other applications and systems. For more information contact us.

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Report the worksite information to the taxation authorities

Starting at 1.7.2014 all construction companies must report their contracts, employee- and subcontractor-information to Finnish taxation authorities. All of it can be easily done, with just a few click’s via Waremann.


Get more response on Your money

Waremann brings more money with lesser expenses. The use of Waremann only demands an user-specific monthly fee, that is significantly smaller, than the sum that will be saved by using it.

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Pay only for what is really needed

Waremann is valued according to chosen level of service and the amount of users. No licenses included,  You only pay for what’s necessary.

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Customer stories

Success is built together

Equipment and material

“Goods stay put in safe and don´t need to be searched all the time”
Executive director John Lindqvist, Länsi-Uudenmaan Rakennuspalvelu Oy

Money saved:
Time spent on searching goods  has decreased expences aprx. with 100 € / person / month
The loss of goods has decreased with 10 000 €  / year

Working time

“Following the daily working time criterias has become much easier, so we are getting more sufficient job done for the outgoing salaries we pay.”
Foreman  Janne Boström, Länsi-Uudenmaan Rakennuspalvelu Oy

Money saved:
More effective use of working time and  more accurate payment of wages
250 € / person / month

Driving kilometres

“Waremann is performing and helping the navigation to the worksites fto. also saving all data of daily driving kilometers, that are nowadays more easily gettable, thanks to the Android-application and telephone´s GPS.”
Foreman Janne Boström, Länsi-Uudenmaan Rakennuspalvelu Oy

Money saved:
Unnecessary driving reduces and payment of traveling expenses is getting more precise aprx. 25  € /person / month


“Information from the worksites is gathered without any delay, so the invoicing is rapid. Extra jobs are also separately added and automatically inspected by the system, so nothing is left out from the billing anymore.”
Foreman Janne Boström, Länsi-Uudenmaan Rakennuspalvelu Oy

Money saved:
Faster and precise billing
saves aprx. 5000 € / year


Waremann saves more time and money

What we do best?

We are solving productivity problems using mobile technology, tracking devices and smart tags to save our customers time and money. Our main syntax is to be smooth and customer-friendly.

What do we value most?

The cornerstones of our business are customer orientation, cost effectiveness, firm innovativiness and diligence.


Our background

  • 2006  In geographic information systems concentrated Gloobit Oy was established.
  • 2012   Gloobit Oy began to develope mobile services according to needs of the construction companies.
  • 2013   Waremann was at the first time taken to full service in the construction company LU Rakennus Oy. New business was born and Waremann was also soon after that bought from Gloobit Oy, fto. companied as Oy Waremann Acrux Ab.
  • 2014   Cooperation in sales and marketing started with TeliaSonera Finland Oyj.
  • 2015   In October all construction functions were moved, by a purchase contract, to Evry Jydacom Oy. In April a new production unit was established in Salo.
  • 2016   Our application is the broadest in the branch, and we are constantly developing together with time and technology. Future Works Today And Tomorrow.


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